With its new air cooler, Kelvion has been able to bring together the expertise of three brands - Goedhart, Küba, and Searle.

In joint development work, three teams have designed the Kelvion KDC Dual Discharge Air Cooler, for commercial refrigeration.

Beginning immediately, the Kelvion KDC will replace the Goedhart FC38D, Küba DP, and Searle DSR cooler ranges.

The new Kelvion KDC air cooler is designed for use in commercial HVACR, cold rooms, and freezer rooms. Its EC fans ensure energy efficiency, and its dual air discharge enables uniform distribution of temperature – since the air flow is guided along the ceiling and deep into the room.

Two fixed fan speeds enable either high air capacity, or quiet operation with low draft. This assures pleasant conditions for staff.

The KDC is designed in its standard version for synthetic refrigerants or brine. Depending on model size, the maximum cooling duty is 1.4 to 23 kW with HFC (SC2*), or 2.8 to 37.7 kW with cooling by brine**.

The optional 45/90-bar version enables the use of CO2 and provides maximum cooling duty of 1.7 to 23 kW***, depending on model size.

Further features of the KDC include its low weight, a low silhouette design, and its drip tray hinged on both sides to give access to the bottom for cleaning and maintenance.

Options include a CAL distributor for multiple injection of refrigerant, as well as an easily accessible condensate-water pump for medium temperature cooling.

* tL1= 0°C | t0= -8°C | DT1 = 8K | R404A [SC2]

** tL1= +16°C | tS1= +4°C | tS2= +8°C | Water [SC10]

*** tL1= 0°C | t0= -8°C | DT1= 8K | R744 | 45/60 bar

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