Gree Electric Appliances showcased its eco-friendly air conditioners at this year's ARBS event, offering new solutions for the Australian market.

Hyper is one of the exhibits that Gree displayed this time. It is not only excellent in energy efficiency, but also able to save 70% power through 3D inverter technology (inverter compressor + inverter outdoor unit + inverter indoor unit).

Gree also showcased its PV air conditioners which utilises renewable energy. So far, Gree has supplied more than 5,500 sets of PV products to 22 countries.

In 2014, Gree successfully developed the magnetic bearing centrifugal chiller and used ARBS 2018 to showcase its magnetic bearing compressor technology.

While the exhibition floor is the main attraction at ARBS, the supporting diary of events such as the tours and speaker presentations are also popular.

For example, ARBS delegates were treated to a behind-the-scenes tour of the central energy plant at Sydney's newly-built International Convention Centre, the venue for this year's exhibition.

In addition to the tour were presentations by the lead consulting engineers and contractors involved in the $1.5 billion redeveloopment. Representatives from AG Coombs, AECOM and Johnson Controls participated in the case study.

The plant supplies chilled water to the precinct from six large centrifugal water-cooled chillers with a total capacity of 21,400 kW. These are distributed to over 210 separate air handling units and fan coil units, according to A.G. Coombs.

Twelve large cooling towers possess total capacity of 24,600 kW and provide condenser water to chillers and heat exchangers, with an additional six large hot water generators with a total capacity of 10,650 kW.

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