The air-cooled Quantum Series from Engie Refrigeration can be optimised for any cooling scenario.

The chillers feature integrated free cooling and has a refrigeration capacity of up to 1,800 kilowatts. The air-cooled Quantum chillers can also operate using either R-134a or R-1234ze as refrigerant.

Specially for use in hot countries and areas where low noise emissions are crucial, the refrigeration specialist also equips the chillers with new condenser coils for chilling the refrigerant.

The solution really shows its strengths in locations where outdoor temperatures are high. The recooling capacity has been optimised overall and ensures optimum cooling output even where temperatures constantly remain high.

Quantum chillers are designed to fit the same footprint as earlier versions in order to keep the required installation space the same. At the same time, cooling output is considerably higher. With the changes made to the condenser, the internal fans can run at lower speeds and power.

This saves on running costs but also reduces noise emissions compared with the standard version. The fan's reduced power also means an indirect reduction of carbon emissions.


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