LG Electronics (LG) is further investing in Australia’s solar market through the introduction of the LG NeON R solar panel, building on the brand’s impressive solar offerings.

First introduced at the Solar Power International 2016 trade show in Las Vegas, the NeON R has enhanced durability, performance under real environment, aesthetic design plus industry leading output efficiency guaranteed over 25 years.

In the Australian market today the majority of 60 cell modules produce 260W to 270W power (15.9 -16.5% module efficiency).

The power of the 60 cell NeON R module reaches an incredible 360W (20.8%), making it the ideal solution for home owners who want to get more electricity within a limited roof space, according to the company's marketing manager, Russ Prendergast.

“With the release of the LG Chem batteries and the 13.5kWh Tesla Powerwall 2 many home owners will find they need high powered modules like NeON R to generate enough solar power to charge the batteries and run the house,” Prendergast said.

“It is a very powerful module and can generate increased electricity per unit space due to its high efficiency and power. In addition, due to its high efficiency the LG NeON R makes it easier to build module array around surrounding constraints, such as the shadow of trees and chimneys.”

It also has no metal electrode on the front of the module, but has 30 multi-ribbon busbars at the rear of the module.

This also allows the panel to perform at a higher efficiency when the temperature is higher due to the panels upgraded low temperature coefficient of Pmax -0.30 (%/oC).

The new module adopts high quality, premium frame with the Piano black colour as well. Therefore, the LG NeON R can perfectly harmonise with the roof.

Prendergast said the company's solar offerings are known for their highly efficient and quality panels, and the NeON R is building upon the legacy already set.

“We’re excited to release this innovative product in the first quarter of 2017, which is helping to drive the Australian solar market forward,” he said.

“With the ability to reach 360W, the NeON R is making solar a possibility for individuals concerned about lack of rooftop space,” he said.

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