The new Climate Wizard (CW-P15) model released by Seeley International boasts more install options and has exceptional NATA (ISO 17025) certified cooling performance.

The hyper efficient cooling technology has an exceptionally long list of flexible configurations in a wide range of industry applications.

New features include: a UV-Proof Polymer shell & structure for withstanding extreme weather conditions; integrated air filtration system with options for disposable cartridge or washable bag filters; easy-lift crane lifting points; curb-mount or frame-mount installation options; and horizontal discharge for exhaust air.

It can be installed side-by-side on either side and all maintainable components can be accessed front or back.

As well as improving the cooling performance of refrigerated equipment, the CW-P15 can actually extend the life of existing refrigerated systems.

In fact, the cooling performance increases when air temperature rises and Indoor Air Quality is improved with 100 per cent outside air. No moisture added (dry air cooling) and reduced cooling costs whether its a retrofit or new install.

It has high efficiency inverter drive fan motors and BMS capability.

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