Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air-Conditioners Australia (MHIAA) introduces the enhanced award-winning FDT range for commercial use that provides comfort for everyone in the room.

The FDT range won the 2016 Good Design Award by the Japan Institute of Design Promotion. It includes an in-ceiling, four-directional indoor unit which offers improved airflow via a high performance yet low noise fan.

MHIAA Senior Advisor, Graham Hamilton, said the best air conditioners are the ones that go unnoticed.

"Offices often have the problem where workers are seated under the air-conditioning unit causing an uncomfortable draught,” he said.

“It’s generally impractical to move people away from an air conditioning vent so it’s great to offer an air-conditioning system that ensures it is comfortable for everyone.”

The draught control technology has four louvers, or flaps, which can be positioned individually according to where the air flows needs to be directed. This technology provides an air-flow that is flatter, and directed out of the unit along the ceiling.

When heating is required during colder months, air-flow is redirected and pushed down.

With the mercury expected to reach maximum temperatures again, as it has over the last few summers, the FDT range is perfect for creating the ideal working environment.

Available in 6kW to 14kW, the new range has an improved aerodynamic performance and reduces the operating noise by as much as 5dB(A).

“The FDT series also helps reduce operating costs by automatically switching to energy saving stand-by mode when no motion is detected," Hamilton said.

This means that in the event that staff members do not turn the unit off at the end of the day the unit will switch itself off at night. Then, as soon as someone walks into the office in the morning, the optional motion sensor will detect activity in the room and the operation will restart automatically at the desired temperature.

“The Hi Power mode can ensure the room reaches the desired temperature in as little as 15 minutes and the FDT air conditioner will also provide a reminder for general maintenance, for example when the air filter needs cleaning," he said.

The ceiling-cassette commercial air conditioner from MHIAA for maximum comfort is available now.

For more information about the enhanced FDT range contact MHIAA direct.

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