Airefrig Australia is the exclusive Australian distributor for the Aeroflex range of closed cell pipe insulation.

Aeroflex insulation is made of E.P.D.M. (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) which is a high quality, lightweight elastomeric material providing long lasting pipe insulation.

E.P.D.M. is moisture and vapour resistant and has a high UV rating and weather resistance without the need for further coating applications. E.P.D.M. does not react with copper or stainless steel piping unlike other pipe insulation featuring a PVC composition which has a known reaction to copper pipe, causing deterioration of the pipe over time.

Aeroflex provides protection and maintains pipe integrity. Aeroflex is one of the largest suppliers of pipe insulation on the Australian market with a fire rating of 0003.

This fire rating offers builders and consultants peace of mind when selecting insulation for projects as it is backed by a written, independent test report. Tested to the Australian standard AS1530.3 – 1999.

Aeroflex insulation is available in wall thicknesses from 9mm to 63mm to meet R Values required by BCA2011. All lengths are flexible and easy to fit, facilitating a speedier pre-assembly line or pipe can be easily split to apply to existing lines and joints sealed with Aeroflex adhesive.

The Aeroflex adhesive chemically bonds the insulation and creates a strong, permanent vapour seal. The Aeroflex pipe insulation is also available in the HT (high temperature) range.

Providing a maximum service temperature of 150°C and independently certified to BCA 2011, the HT range is suitable for solar, heating and sanitary applications. Wall thicknesses all meet R Values per AS/NZ3500.4:2003.

The full Aeroflex range of accessories are also available to complement this insulation, including: adhesives, tapes, FX blocks and aerostands.

To find out more about the Aeroflex product, contact your local Airefrig Australia branch on 1800 671 500.

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