GEA will showcase a host of new technology and services for the food industry next month including the S-Tec spiral freezer and chiller which is capable of handling capacities up to seven tonnes per hour.

Highly effective full height horizontal airflow and exact air temperature control ensure the best freezing and chilling performance and product quality.

The machine can handle single-shift to 14-day operations without interruption to defrost, based on the evaporator configuration selected for customers’ needs – with GEA Sequential Defrost (SD) or Snow Removal System (SRS).

The CALLIFREEZE system, GEA's revolutionary freezing process control is now measuring continuously the product level of frozenness at freezer outfeed and adjusts freezing time, air temperature and fan speed to achieve the exact freezing quality with minimum energy consumption.

GEA will showcase MaxiFormer, a rotative drum forming concept that completes the GEA line solution for high capacity formed poultry, pork or meat replacement products as well as CombiPlus – a new solution for the production of pasta filata cheese.

Also on show is its new high pressure pump for use in dairies.

The Hilge HYGIA H is designed for system pressures up to 64 bar for filtration processes in the dairy industry, where it can handle liquids as well as homogeneous air or gas-containing media.

It is available in two sizes, of which the larger variant – powered by a 45-kilowatt motor – delivers a volume flow of up to 200 cubic metres with a maximum delivery head of 70 metres.


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