In line with GEA's ongoing product development program, the company has announced the release of GEA BluQ, the new generation of ammonia chillers, and GEA CompaX, the world's first semi-hermetic compact screw compressors.

Describing it as a new concept of ammonia chiller, the BluQ went on show for the first time at Mostra Convegno in Italy.

Essential parts of the new chiller are the GEA CompaX semi-hermetic driveline and the heat exchanger combination of the well-established Blu chillers.

The 3-in-1 design of GEA CompaX combines in one unit a compressor of the GEA Grasso M series with a suction gas-cooled electric motor and a compact oil separator. GEA CompaX compressors no longer have a shaft seal.

In addition, GEA has succeeded in using copper windings instead of aluminium – even in a semi-hermetic unit operating with ammonia as refrigerant which makes the entire system highly efficient.

Features include:

Elimination of shaft seal to further minimize leakage risk
Suction gas cooled motor for more reliable motor cooling
Ultra-low ammonia content and very low service expenses

Designed to reach -5/15°C secondary refrigerant outlets, the chiller will be a perfect match for all air conditioning as well as light industrial applications.

GEA plans to release a small series of four chiller sizes in late 2018.

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