Tecumseh has announced the arrival of its all new AJ2 compressor.

This compressor displays many new advantages including the patented electrical connection TE-Connect.

The TE-Connect is pre-wired at the factory and incorporates a moulded plug that slides onto the electrical pins of the compressor. The TE-Connect includes a circlip on the earth connection to ensure a good quality earth every time.

Field wiring errors are virtually eliminated and the TE-Connect is suitable for use with flammable refrigerants allowing Tecumseh to offer flammable refrigerant ready models within the AJ2 range.

Tecumseh redesigned the suction and discharge mufflers, and the compressor housing to lower the overall sound level. The valve plate design has been upgraded to further improve gas flow, increasing compressor efficiency.

Importantly the AJ2 series is compatible with the pipe positions being either the same or within millimetres of the existing CAJ/TAJ series.

The pipe diameters are identical and the overall compressor height has been reduced on most models. The electrical components are the same and included with the new patented TE-Connect.

The new AJ2 series compressors will provide improved efficiency, reduced height, and noise and field service and installation will be quicker and easier with the new TE-Connect.

The AJ2 compressor series will replace the existing CAJ/TAJ compressors and condensing units over the coming months with the only nomenclature change being the addition of a voltage code being FZ for single phase and TZ for three phase.

The AJ2 condensing units have new improved pipe design and an HP/LP safety switch as standard.

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