Danfoss has introduced a new range of SVL valves approved up to 65 bar and has a temperature range from ­- 60°c to 150°c.

The new valve is perfectly suited for the requirements of industrial ammonia (R717) heat recovery systems as well as subcritical CO2 (R744) systems.

Using a higher pressure has several advantages. For subcritical CO2 systems, the higher pressure means that smaller stand-still units can be used or left out entirely as the saturation temperature rises from 16°C to 25,5°C.

Furthermore, the higher pressure enables hot gas to be taken from the transcritical side.

For ammonia heat pumps the higher pressure allows for a rise in the saturation temperature from 90°C to 102°C.

This means you can have same capacity with fewer compressors and a higher supply temperature which enables the water to be used in a broader application range.

The 65 bar SVL is available in Australia by special order and the new valve is available in sizes and connection variants:

SVA (Cap) / FIA up to DN200
SCA / CHV up to DN125
REG up to DN40 (SA) / DN65 (SB)
DIN and ANSI Butt Weld

The valve is based on the acknowledged SVL platform which above all is characterized by flexibility. Using just two basic valve housings – a straightway and an angle way – the platform offers five different functions.

This simplicity offers easy and time-saving usage in many processes.

Danfoss Flexline products offer an easy road to sustainability with low life-cycle costs, low emissions from leaks and approvals for use with low GWP refrigerants.

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