New and existing buildings such as schools, offices and commercial precincts can be designed with greater flexibility with the new Fujitsu General AIRSTAGE V-III Series VRF system.

Featuring a broader offering, including a new 45kW outdoor unit that provides a potential combined system capacity of up to 135kW and up to 64 connectable indoor units, the AIRSTAGEV-III Series provides complete flexibility when integrating an air conditioning system into a building’s design by utilising the 1,000-metre maximum pipe length allowance.

The maximum height difference between the outdoor unit and indoor unit in large multi-story buildings can now extend to 110 metres, using the new pressure sensor kit option.

This allows for more floors between the indoor and outdoor unit(s), and a reduction in the complexity of the plant area space allocated for the building.

Following extensive research and development by Fujitsu General Limited, the large capacity single DC invertor compressor design includes new technology to produce an improved high energy efficient system, and optimised capacity control.

A unique front intake design allows for improved airflow into the heat exchanger and refrigerant is distributed between each of the heat exchangers for more efficient operation when multiple outdoor units are installed.

Fujitsu General offers a comprehensive range of indoor units, with a variety of designs and capacities, to meet almost any commercial air conditioning need.

Temperature can be managed in a single space or floor with individual remote or wired controllers, or alternatively can be monitored and managed for the entire business or building via a central controller.

There is also a range of other BMS solutions that are available to meet the specific project’s needs.

The Fujitsu General AIRSTAGE V-III Series has been designed to effortlessly integrate into most styles of commercial buildings, while providing an improved and efficient heating and cooling solution.

For more information visit or contact Fujitsu General on 1300 882 201.


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