AMS Instrumentation and Calibration (AMS) released its next-gen MT100 Series Multipoint Thermal Mass Flow Meters last month to optimise combustion or pre-heated air to large boilers.

The product sets a new standard in performance accuracy, reliability, ease of use and value.

It combines state-of-art electronics technology with application-proven precision flow sensors in a rugged package designed for the most demanding plant operating environments.

They provide temperature-compensated direct mass flow measurement of air and gases for precise, repeatable measurement with low maintenance requirements in large diameter pipes, stacks and rectangular duct installations.

The MT100 meter’s sensors can be installed either across a mast or can be inserted at multiple points around the process line in a single plane. In large stack applications, this means that the instrument installation can be done at a single platform location to achieve a major cost savings over other technologies such as ultrasonic meters, which require installing transducers at precise offset angles.

The instrument can measure air/gas processes operating up to 454 °C. The MT100 Series Flow Meters can measure flow rates over a wide range from 0,07 to 305 NMPS with 100:1 turndown and with excellent accuracy of ± 0.75% of reading, ± 0.5% of full scale.

They are also dual-function and can provide temperature measurement capability from -45 to 454 °C, with an accuracy of ± 1,1 °C.

The MT100 CEMS option includes an automated and on-demand self-checking of calibration drift (CD) and sensor interference.

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