Engas Australasia is a Perth based supplier of Hydrocarbon refrigerants.

Engas hydrocarbon refrigerant products can be applied to a wide range of temperature control applications. However, the performance and success of these refrigerants is not well understood or appreciated in the Australian market.

But they are in demand in China, Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines.  The team at Engas have been researching, developing and testing alternative formulations of hydrocarbon based refrigerants for over 15 years.

These products have been shown to deliver superior performance in all regards, particularly energy efficiency and cost effectiveness.  Engas Refrigerants have been applied safely in retrofit conversions for many years and there is now enormous potential for retrofitting equipment designed for synthetic refrigerants as the global HFC phasedown comes into effect.


Hydrocarbon refrigerants have been used by hundreds of clients across the range of applications.There are a number of central considerations required to appreciate the value of all Engas products:

Hydrocarbon refrigerants deliver superior energy efficiency because their thermal transfer capability is by definition superior to synthetic refrigerants.

Engas has optimised the performance of hydrocarbon refrigerants by blending various hydrocarbon elements to deliver specific and targeted performance objectives. There is only one other company in the world that has adopted and delivered this strategy.

Engas products are guaranteed to be available in the long term because global and domestic regulations will not restrict their availability, while high GWP synthetic refrigerants are being phased out. High volume synthetic refrigerants will be increasingly expensive as their quotas are reduced. This includes R32.

A key consideration in the use of all Engas products is their safe use. The synthetic refrigerants industry has made extreme efforts to characterise hydrocarbon refrigerants as unsafe. They have done so based on a series of false assessments.

Engas provides inhouse training on the safe use and correct application of all Engas Hydrocarbon Refrigerants.

Engas Australasia has recently completed many successful conversion and commissioning projects in Asia, such as:

Bosch Siemens Home Appliances Co, where Engas converted a 1049 kilowatt fluid chiller (used for industrial process cooling) from R407C to Engas M50. The energy efficiency saving was 28 per cent. The environmental saving was estimated at 7,671,328.40 KGs of CO2 equivalent saved from the atmosphere over the next 20 years.

Duvel International Trading (China) Limited where we commissioned a new Coolroom measuring 2,633 square metres and 8.1 metres high to operate on Engas M50. The Coolroom refrigeration system has a nominal cooling capacity of 1280 kilowatts. The energy efficiency saving was 28 per cent. The calculated environmental benefit is estimated at 6,860,792.48 KGs of CO2 equivalent saved from the atmosphere over the next 20 years.

These projects demonstrate that subject to compliance with certain safety principles, the application of hydrocarbon refrigerants can be completed as safely as any other type of refrigerant. The energy efficiency benefits are substantial and the environmental advantages should not be ignored.  For details visit

Following is a brief outline of Engas refrigerants and the chemicals refrigerants they are designed to replace.

M10 - suitable for replacement of all R600a refrigerators and freezers.
M20 - special purpose hydrocarbon refrigerant specifically designed to replace R32.
M30 - designed as a direct replacement for R12 and R134a.
M40 - pure hydrocarbon refrigerant replacement R290 and R22.
M50 - suitable replacement for R22, R502, R404a, R407c and R507c.
M60 - special purpose hydrocarbon refrigerant specifically designed to replace 410a.


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