Just in time for summer a range of innovative air conditioning systems will be launched by Sydney-based company, Harbour City Air.

The company's range of floor, wall and ducted units are unique in that they don’t require an outdoor condensing unit, saving space and reducing installation time.

Stylish in design, these systems come complete with smart inbuilt technologies creating a “plug and play” HVAC solution, ideal for conditioning small spaces such as apartments and hotels, according to Habour City's general manager, Tony Power.

“Finding the space to fit HVAC equipment is a perennial problem especially in existing strata apartments and heritage buildings where there is simply not the room to place an unsightly condensing unit,” Power said.

“We are already fielding calls from aged care providers and specifiers, they see where this technology can really help them solve this problem.”

There are a range of units available commencing with the Italian made Innova 2.0 inverter units capable of providing comfort conditions for small areas up to 25 square metres.

These 2.3Kw reverse cycle systems are MEPS approved and come with a comprehensive 2 years parts and labour warranty.

Power said installation is no more complicated than hanging a clothes dryer, the only additional requirement being that the unit is mounted on an external wall where two core holes can be drilled allowing for the condenser air movement.

Available in two model configurations, one can be wall mounted in any position.

The floor mounted unit is only 450mm wide making it ideal for those areas with very limited space. Both models can be optioned with Innova’s unique atomiser unit which nebulises condensate to just water vapour discharging it to the outside.

For larger requirements there is a range of Polaris “Ducted Hideaway” units which will be available in October 2018.

Designed in Australia for local conditions and built to rigorous standards these units carry the latest high efficiency hydrocarbon natural refrigerant.

Utilising inverter technology these units are very energy efficient. Enhancing their “green” credentials, Power said they also have a GWP rating of just 3.0.

Installation consists of bolting the unit to the slab or mounting location and attaching up to six metres of acoustic flex duct for condenser air discharge.

Installers then attach the required ductwork and connect the unit to a 240v power supply.

All units come with a pre-wired controller as well a condensate pump fitted, quite literally then a plug and play installation.

“No complex pipework is required which is why we estimate that the installation time is halved compared to conventional HVAC units,” Power said.

Available in 3Kw and 10Kw versions the Polaris units are ideal for the retrofit of water cooled systems that are coming to end of life as well as for new builds.

The 3Kw system can fit into a bulkhead as small as 300mm and has attracted great interest from apartment architects and builders.

Like the Innova models, the Polaris units also carry a two year parts and labour warranty.

“If size really does matter and efficiency is an issue or you simply no longer want to look at an ugly condenser unit then this new range of air conditioning units will solve your problems,” Power said.

“No complex pipework is required which is why we estimate that the installation time is halved compared to conventional HVAC units.”



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