Westmead Hospital serves one the largest growing population areas in NSW, so it is little surprise that they came to Active Air Rentals to install a chiller risk management strategy in anticipation of the extreme heat predicted for Sydney’s summer.

The solution needed to act as an emergency back up to the remaining chillers, and kick in when needed.

Using the two pre-existing valves, Active Air Rentals installed 300mm stainless pipework through the wall to the exterior of the building.

From there five connections were run to five chillers with a combined capacity of 3,500 kW, each partnered with a generator.

To enable seamless integration, and sequencing on and off of the chillers and generators; the solution was interfaced with Westmead Hospital's building management system (BMS).

David Dobson, WSLHD senior project manager capital works, Program Management Office (PMO) praised Active Air Rentals.

“The [Active Air] installation team are to congratulated for their assistance in providing excellent service and advice that enabled this critical piece of infrastructure to perform exceptionally during very testing conditions.” Dobson said.

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