Optergy, a provider of building automation and energy management products, has launched its second generation Proton.

The first building controller complete with 120GB storage that combines building and energy management features, Proton uses an intuitive web interface, and can connect to a companion IOS or Android mobile application for quick and simple monitoring and control.

This economical product manages up to 100 BACnet or Modbus devices, and has built-in web based programming and tools.

Users now have an economical and simple means to access their building controls and energy consumption data anytime, anywhere.

Optergy president, Steven Guzelimian, said Proton by Optergy became the first true open supervisor and controller that can interoperate with any BACnet unitary controller and is 100 per cent web based.

“It has all the needed tools to setup, operate and maintain the system, and has all of this at economical price points and this year we are releasing many new features to build on an already impressive product and introducing Proton to a global audience,” he said.

Optergy now has support for up to 100 devices, support for BACnet Virtual devices, and most importantly, contractor friendly design and installation.

Proton 10 is the basic solution for a complete building automation system that supports up to 10 connected BACnet or Modbus devices in a building.

It is ideally suited to small building owners while Proton 20 supports 20 devices. Proton 50 features all the essential base features of Proton 20 and adds support for up to 50 connected BACnet or Modbus devices.

Proton 50 adds 3 tenants for use with after-hours tenant billing and utility billing. Proton 100 features all the essential base features of Proton 50 and adds support for up to 100 plus 10 tenants.


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