Tecumseh has released its global refrigerant vision which provides its own next generation preferences such as R-290.

In its statement the company said environmental sustainability is not an option, it is "engraved in our culture" to continuously introduce high performance refrigeration solutions, preserving the environment for the next generation.

“Tecumseh is fully committed to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and to utilize low GWP refrigerants by pursuing innovative solutions through its Research & Development efforts," the statement said.

“Tecumseh has dedicated considerable resources in evaluating low GWP refrigerants and, through those efforts, provides the following updates on today's refrigerant landscape.”

As part of the current transition, Tecumseh said when considering new installations, the company recommends R-290, when system size and location allow.

“For new installations where R-290 cannot be applied, or for conversion or maintenance of R-404A installations, Tecumseh recommends the refrigerant R-452A,” the vision statement said.

“R-452A is a refrigerant approved and used in many applications such as transport, remote condensing units for both chilling and freezing temperatures, and various commercial refrigeration applications.

“The use of the R-448A and R-449A is also allowed with some limitations.”

Tecumseh offers Guidelines for the application of these refrigerants at:

In many existing high temperature applications, Tecumseh said R-134a is a solution of choice, with a GWP 60% lower than R-404A.

"Tecumseh supports the transition of R-134a to R-513A, with a GWP of 631, and approves R-513A for use in its R-134a product range," the company said.

Founded in 1934, Tecumseh offers hermetic reciprocating, rotary and scroll compressors, ranging in capacity from 1/15th to 30 horsepower, as well as a complete line of condensing units and systems for use in residential and commercial refrigeration and air conditioning applications.


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