Providing a complete solution for protection of your refrigeration and air conditioning systems, Coil Defender products are water based, ozone safe and use green non-destructive cleaners.

From coil treatments to antimicrobial pan tablets, use of the Coil Defender range will provide long term benefits in improving indoor air quality (IAQ) in homes and businesses alike.

The direct-to-metal coating is the first water based corrosion protection coating designed for the harsh Australian climate.

It is simple and cost effective to apply and extends the life and efficiency of your air conditioning system.  The finished surface is Super Hydrophobic providing long term corrosion protection.

With the added benefit of silver ions to stop slime and mould growth, application results in improved indoor air quality.

The range also includes the Coil Degreaser and Coil Protect in handy, easy to apply aerosol. This combination provides total IAQ protection with a simple two-step process of cleaning and coating coils on site.

The procedure is quick and provides a long-term, safe treatment that stops contamination on evaporator coils. The latest offering from Coil Defender is the new Condensate Pan Tablet.

This non-toxic, caged tablet is a slow release annual treatment made from silver ion and enzyme that will stop the build-up of mould, slime and bacteria in the condensate tray.

By reducing potential blockages and water damage, maintenance costs are minimised and indoor air quality is improved.

The full range of Coil Defender products are environmentally friendly and are designed to provide long term protection. To find out more about all the Coil Defender product, contact your local Airefrig Australia branch on 1800 671 500.

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