Each zone is assigned a number with the capacity of the system dictating how many zones it can effectively air condition.

The electronics casing has a robust design with an IP65 level of protection.

Devices come with a purpose-designed busbar comb for easy installation.

Replacing mechanical relays with photorelays helps improve system reliability and reduces the space required for relays and relay drivers.

Low-temperature applications place greater demands on compressors

The Bronkhorst Calibration Centre (BCC) has been ISO 17025 accredited.

Performance of the chiller is also assured by AHRI certification, the first time certification has been given to an air-cooled screw chiller with free cooling.

The Plasmaster Ioniser Plus works by infusing the air with over three million ions to reduce microscopic particles.

The valve is based on the acknowledged SVL platform which above all is characterized by flexibility.

These solutions focus on lifetime extension, energy saving and cost reduction measures for your HVACR equipment.

Mitsubishi Electric has also launched the next-generation of VRF (Variable Refrigerant Flow) air conditioning with the new City Multi YNW delivering ultra-quiet noise levels, increased performance and a reduced footprint.

Thanks to its quick installation and quick heating up times, Uponor Minitec is a game changer in the Australian heating marketplace.

The VFD pumping assembly on the Aquagel GPV pump sets automatically equalizes pressure depending on process cooling demands, such as the number of machines, pressures and flow rates.

The Modicon range provides OEMs with greater flexibility to design and build more efficient machines at a lower cost.

The series features an industry leading 7 Star “Super-Efficiency” energy rating.