The optional MGS-408 Gas Detection Controller supports up to eight sensor channels and enables a centralized alarm and power system.

Manufacturers recognize that the production of compressed air is a significant contributor to operating costs.

An alternative model with offset control panel for integration in a test stand is currently in development.

Compliance with these standards simplifies the procedure for certification of the unit and avoids the need to install and calibrate the various additional protection devices.

Custom air filtration, air purification and airborne containment solutions are designed and engineered in-house to meet specific client requirements.

The award-winning software can reduce energy costs and improve operational efficiency.

This latest Metasys release provides facility personnel with smarter building automation, faster responses to critical alarms and new integration for fire detection, security and lighting systems.

The new heat exchanger design provides good heat transfer at very small temperature differences.

For new installations where R-290 cannot be applied, or for conversion of R-404A installations, Tecumseh recommends the refrigerant R-452A.

The highly regarded stamp of approval by Australia’s Consumer Group CHOICE is based on test reviews of 140 split-system air conditioners.

Each zone is assigned a number with the capacity of the system dictating how many zones it can effectively air condition.

The electronics casing has a robust design with an IP65 level of protection.

Devices come with a purpose-designed busbar comb for easy installation.

Replacing mechanical relays with photorelays helps improve system reliability and reduces the space required for relays and relay drivers.

Low-temperature applications place greater demands on compressors