BITZER outlines its product plans for the Australian market after inking an exclusive distribution agreement to market all commercial and industrial Guntner Heat Exchanger products in Australia and New Zealand.

The NEW Buffalo Trident branded products are organized by product families into product lines as Compact, Vario, Special or Application.

The definition Compact in this context does not refer only to compact dimensions but to a reduced number of available product models and designed mainly for use in commercial refrigeration.

Vario stands for product variability; each series can be configured individually on the basis of a complete modular system and hereby offers a vast variety of available products as needed in the targeted industrial refrigeration area.

The Special/Application series includes all application-oriented units, individually adapted to each application down to the smallest detail.

Commercial refrigeration

The NEW Buffalo Trident GACC air cooler series offers a classic air cooler for commercial refrigeration applications. With 26 different types of unit to cover the range from 1.5kW to 68kW and numerous advantages, the series is universal.

Powder coated casing is made of corrosion resistant aluminium alloy and comes with stainless steel ceiling mounts. The series is suitable for both medium and low temperature applications, with a drip tray constructed with an inner and outer tray that is thermally decoupled to prevent condensation.

Both of these trays can be hinged down to facilitate quick and easy cleaning and inspection access. This series is available for use with C02 refrigerant up to 80bar with the designation CX.

Air Coolers

The innovative GASC air cooler series is an additional model range for NEW Buffalo Trident. The range demonstrates that all new product generations are not only optimally equipped to fulfil all applicable regulations, but are also impressively well designed and optimised at a technical level to offer viable solutions for all refrigerants.

The available heat exchanger coil combinations are optimised precisely to suit the required refrigerant and fluid in each case: The tube diameters and materials together with the fin geometries offer the ideal combination of performance and minimum tube volume. The new air coolers are designed as standard for CO2 at an operating pressure of up to 80 bar.

The NEW Buffalo Trident GASC air cooler is a slim, ceiling-mounted unit and is available for HFC as well as CO2. With its flat, certified hygienic design and capacity range from 0.6 to 13 kW, it is an excellent cooler for the commercial refrigeration sector, especially for small capacities in cold rooms with low ceiling heights.

New Buffalo Trident air coolers in various production families are available up to 237kW capacity, fin coils available up to 2000kW capacity.


Offering a capacity range from 4 – 400 kW, a compact design and heat exchangers adapted for different refrigerants, the NEW Buffalo Trident commercial product series are perfectly suited for the numerous applications in Commercial Refrigeration. The GCHC (horizontal design) and GCVC the (vertical design) condensers are available for all common and new synthetic refrigerants as well as propane.

The CO2 gas coolers named GGHC and GGVC have a maximum operating pressure of 120 bar and are thus ideally suited for subcritical as well as transcritical plant designs. The GFHC and GFVC dry coolers complete the product family for all applications with regard to indirect cooling. The new condensers can thus notably contribute to reducing the refrigerant charge of a plant and its GWP.

A lower charge can additionally contribute to minimising the number of required leak tightness tests according to the F-Gas Regulation. NEW Buffalo Trident air condensers in various production families are available up to 1900kW capacity.

Evaporative Condenser
The new ECOSS (Evaporative Condenser Stainless Steel) shows once again the distinguishing characteristics of a premium manufacturer in the refrigeration industry.

ECOSS developed for cooling applications in industrial refrigeration, air conditioning, energy and process cooling. The product is tailored to these sectors‘ requirements and presents an elaborate solution for prevalent challenges like water quality, passivation and oxidation.

Self- passivating stainless steel obviates oxidation and provides a significantly longer product life than galvanized steel, while the stainless steel coils and fully welded stainless steel cold water basins uphold the high quality standard expected.

ECOSS units were tested in an EC LAB according to Ashrae 64 standard. The tests showed that the performance ratings are also in accordance with CTI requirements. The units are delivered as separate coil section and basin, the modular frame design with high torsional stiffness ensures the sections remain perfectly intact during transportation.

Due to the approximately 50 % less rigging weight compared to conventional designs, a smaller crane is required for assembly. No further tools are needed for assembly; the box sections allow for trouble-free alignment without sealer tape, drift pins or screw tappers.

The basin design for the ECOSS incorporates a depressed trough welded to inclined outer sections which results in a lower water volume within the basin section. This funnelled design also allows for any dirt, sediment etc. to naturally flow towards the strainer.

This design results in there being 50 % less water in circulation, which means there is less water to treat in comparison to other designs.


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