An eco-responsible insulated packaging product made in Australia and New Zealand of sheep’s waste wool has won the Queen’s seal of approval.

Woolcool Australia and New Zealand, which is part of the UK based Woolcool group, now carries the Queen’s endorsement for its product with the parent company having won the Queen’s Awards for Enterprise: Innovation 2018 announced in London last month.

Woolcool is made from sheep’s wool combined with a recyclable food grade liner.

The wool is sustainable, renewable, biodegradable, compostable, recyclable and reusable.

Woolcool Australia and New Zealand CEO Joanne Howarth said the Queen’s Awards for Enterprise is one of the most prestigious business awards programs in the world.

“We are obviously as thrilled as our parent company that our product has been recognised as one of the world’s most innovative,” she said.

“This is real validation of Woolcool as a company, as a product and as a brand and it’s a massive boost for us as a young company. We are overwhelmed by the awareness this award has promoted for our business and the resultant interest in Woolcool from clients eager to transition away from polystyrene. The more business we attract, the less polystyrene there is going to landfill and polluting our precious environment.

“Our aim is to eliminate polystyrene from the supply chain altogether.”

The product is already endorsed by Planet Ark for its range of environmental benefits.

Planet Ark said the increasing use of expanded polystyrene (EPS) boxes for home grocery delivery services and pre-prepared meals is having a negative impact on the environment.

“Latest statistics indicate that only 29.4% of EPS is currently recycled and the remainder either goes to landfill or ends up polluting our environment and waterways,” according to Planet Ark Partner Relations Manager Kristie Baker.

“Woolcool offers a real alternative to traditional insulated packaging like EPS and we encourage businesses to shift their reliance from petrochemical based products like EPS to renewable alternatives like Woolcool,” Baker added.

The product isn't just outperforming synthetics such as polystyrene it is opening up new markets for cold chain supply companies because it is allowing frozen and chilled products to be transported much greater distances and still arrive in the same fresh condition.

The win enables Woolcool to display the esteemed Queen’s Award emblem for the next five years.

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