BOC has announced its new Genie cylinder in nitrogen.

Now available in 10 litre and 20 litre sizes across Australia, the Genie is 30 per cent lighter than an equivalent steel cylinder and holds 39 per cent more nitrogen.

The arrival of the Genie marks a new era in gas cylinder technology, with leading design that enhances portability, durability and safety for small volume nitrogen users across many industries including refrigeration and automotive.

The general manager of gases product management, Chris Barnes, said Genie in nitrogen is an ideal companion for any work project.

“The wide base and easy-grip handles make it easy to transport and also protects the regulator. It has a stable wheel base that can be detached if needed via a patented clip-on system,” Barnes said.

Designed to withstand tough all-weather environments, the Genie comprises of a steel lined carbon fibre wrapped pressure vessel, encased within a tough high density polyethylene jacket, eliminating rust from the cylinder base.

“The Genie technology will help workers be more efficient on the job and have greater visibility of usage. Less time is spent reordering and replacing cylinders as gas is filled at a pressure of 300 bar, allowing an increase in volume compared to equivalent steel cylinders,” he said.

“A digital display with built-in intelligence also provides better visibility on the amount of gas remaining in the cylinder and how long it will last based on usage. This is a big help when planning jobs.”

Since 2010, BOC has upgraded half a million cylinders in its fleet and invested over $15 million building a world leading cylinder testing facility.

The Genie in Argon will be available later this year.

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