Airefrig Australia is the Australian distributor for the complete range of Cubigel compressors and condensing units.

The new Green Cooling Range from Cubigel has been designed to meet the demand for more efficient refrigeration applications.

It is a high priority for supermarkets, retail premises and restaurants, to reduce operatings costs and reduce energy use.

Benefits of the new range include improved performance, reduction of CO² emissions and energy savings, resulting in a reduction in operating costs for end clients.

The High Efficiency Range of Green Cooling from Cubigel features condensing units up to 34cc and tropicalised units rated to 43 degree ambient.

The units provide an improved energy efficiency to help cabinet manufacturers meet MEPS, which has been one of the main concerns for customers. These units have just been released and are available to the market.

Condensing units are fitted with Green Cooling compressors which have been designed for increased energy efficiency and are a CSR (Cap Start Cap Run) version and are also fitted with an EBM high efficiency IQ fan motor.

These design changes can see savings from 20 to 30 per cent against a standard condensing unit.

Cubigel also have ratings for the lower GWP refrigerants in R513A (XP10) and R449A (XP40) as well as R134A & R404A.

To find out more contact Airefrig Australia branches on 1800 671 500.

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