GEA has been busy showcasing its high performance compressors for natural refrigerants at a range of exhibitions in recent months.

This includes the new 6-cylinder compresor for hydrocarbons, the GEA Bock HG56e HC which replaces the HG5 and HG6 compressors.

The new 6-cylinder compressors offer higher efficiency and a quieter operation compared to its predecessors.

With three sizes of the GEA HG56e series covering the range from 73.8 m³/h to 100.4 m³/h displacement (at 50 Hz), the GEA HC series can guarantee extensive performance coverage.

The GEA compressors of the hydrocarbon and CO2 range also meet the requirements of the F-gas regulation. This provides planning assurance to plant manufacturers, operators and investors.

GEA offers a variety of compressors for commercial and industrial cooling or heat pump applications for use with CO2 as a refrigerant.

Relevant features include a reliable design to meet the challenges of any CO2 operation, a high level of stability due to low vibrations and pulsations, quiet operation and extremely low oil carry-over.

In addition, the design engineers have implemented a good thermal separation in the compressor, to benefit higher efficiency as confirmed by the ASERCOM certification for a number of transcritical CO2 compressors.

The compressors can be operated over a broad frequency range, which assures ideal response to meet partial-load requirements.

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