The BUFFALO TRIDENT engineering team has dived into the challenge of refining its new BDC Series condenser to exceed market expectations.

The team has engineered a product that neatly addresses the specifications of some of the country’s biggest supermarket players, and its modular format allows for endless adaptation to different environments and capacity requirements.

The BDC has been put through its paces, with each component scrutinised both individually and as a whole unit so that the maximum possible efficiency can be achieved (contact BITZER for performance data including the Eurovent Certification).

Recent improvements in production techniques mean the engineering team have taken advantage of smaller tube designs and tube with refined internal geometries, meaning a smaller coil can offer the same performance at a lower footprint.

Features such as quiet and efficient 910mm EC fans, increased coil surface area and reduced tube sizes provide a reduction in refrigerant charge and reduce sound levels; keeping end users happy.

With a wide range of models from single fan to 10-fan units, the modular configuration makes the BDC a flexible choice for a host of different applications.

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