Kelvion (formerly GEA Heat Exchangers) will present its portfolio of heat exchangers, as well as commercial and industrial cooler systems, at Chillventa next month.

The Kelvion “glass cooler” to be shown at Chillventa adds transparency to a display of industrial processes. This item being exhibited at the fair is a Goedhart VCI-p-13457 air cooler, in which some of the copper tubes have been replaced by glass to reveal what goes on inside.

Fair visitors will be able to follow the evaporation process inside the cooler. This model features a third, additional heat exchanger circulation system as condenser – which enhances the output of a compressor and heats air.

The new Kelvion industrial air cooler with air outlet at two sides will permier at Chillventa. This model represents a further development of the Kelvion dual-discharge, but with radial fans – an innovation among industrial coolers.

The new cooler design produces air flow at a 90-degree angle, which enables reduction of performance losses in comparison to coolers with axial fans.

It also enhances the flow of air onto the heat exchangers and thereby allows reduced system height without loss of cooling duty. Kelvion is planning to announce details on model sizes, equipment variations, and the name of the new cooler range at the Chillventa event.

Less refrigerant content, a smaller footprint, and significantly reduced weight – Kelvion has enabled all this with its redesigned Searle GF gas coolers for subcritical and transcritical CO2 refrigeration systems. These coolers, equipped with AC or EC motors, profit from the new heat exchangers with tube diameters of only 5 mm.

The thin tubes – which are ideal for CO2 as refrigerant, with its favourable thermal properties – allow cost-efficient cooler solutions for applications with high pressures.

Kelvion developed its Micro Tubes with the aid of numerical flow simulation and optimized them in prototype tests in a wind tunnel. These tests revealed that a non-equilateral tube configuration represents an optimal solution. The result is heat transfer that is 18 % greater than the most efficient Kelvion heat exchangers until now.

For the application range of approx. 5 to 188 kW cooling duty (depending on refrigerant), Küba SG air coolers are designed for industrial use. The injection numbers in these coolers lead to enhanced performance levels, in accordance with individual applications.

The improvement in heat exchanger geometry and the aerodynamically optimized fan system likewise contribute to efficiency. The advanced fans require up to 70 per cent less power than with fan drives from earlier generations without control systems – and they allow draw-through or blow-through operation.

In addition, they operate up to 16 dB(A) quieter than previous fans. Further characteristics become positively apparent, such as components that are easy to access and clean – especially for applications in areas such as food and beverage processing and logistics. The drip tray, for example is hinged, and the fans as well as side components can be swiveled out for ease of cleaning.


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