Organisations seeking an industrial refrigeration system with a capacity under 300kW are faced with the difficult task of selecting a solution that will protect it from changes in legislation surrounding HFCs.

For organisations seeking a natural solution, industrial ammonia systems are not always suitable for certain applications due to capital costs and health and safety requirements.

As a result Uin Foods selected a bespoke solution comprising an industrial C02 refrigeration packaged system and spiral freezer.

Uin Foods, which creates private label pizza's for the UK's top retailers, said its bespoke system is unique because it utilises CO2 as a natural refrigerant even though the plant has relatively low capacity.

Uin Foods managing director, John Whalen, said by selecting an energy efficient refrigeration system which utilises CO2 as a refrigerant, the company is reducing its carbon footprint.

“Additionally, we have protected our business against the changes in legislation surrounding HFCs, saving us further time and investment in the future,” he said.

Uin Foods' pre-engineered packaged system from Star Refrigeration is designed to chill or freeze pizza bases with the flexibility to program up to six different product sizes.

It provides 200kW of refrigeration capacity at -40˚C.

Star's new Envi range of industrial refrigeration packaged systems address the need for a future-proof natural cooling solution, which won't need to be replaced due to regulations, restrictions or sharp price hikes on certain refrigerants.

CO2 is a naturally occurring refrigerant that has a global warming potential of 1 – thousands of times lower than HFCs - and it is non-toxic. It has an A1 safety rating as it is a non-flammable refrigerant with low toxicity, making it ideal for a wide range of applications across all sectors.

Star Refrigeration sales director, David Wallace, said prior to the launch of its industrial CO2 refrigeration packages, there was no clear pathway for businesses which required a capacity of under 300KW but wanted to move to natural refrigerants.

“Thanks to our in-house design team and specialist technicians, we could deliver this refrigeration and freezing solution in just a couple of months, providing benefits to the customer for many years to come,” Wallace said.

The low temperature Envi range from Star has been developed with the company's 25 years of knowledge and experience in CO2 and includes the Envichill, Envichiller, Evicold and Envifreeze systems.



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