As part of Star Refrigeration group of companies, Azane plans to showcase its ground-breaking modular air cooled packaged Azanechiller and Azanefreezer technology at the International Institute of Ammonia Refrigeration (IIAR) event.

Low charge ammonia is becoming the refrigerant of choice for commercial and industrial refrigeration businesses wanting to future proof their cooling needs ahead of the phase out of HFCs.

Azane's zero carbon ammonia technology is environmentally friendly and offers up to 95% reductions in refrigerant charge and 20% in energy savings compared to traditional ammonia systems and HFC systems.

The pre-engineered family of chillers and condensing units also offer regulatory advantages to businesses such as eliminating the burdens associated with OSHA and EPA regulation.

Azane VP of business development, Caleb Nelson, said the conference is one of the world's most prestigious events dedicated to natural refrigeration.

"By sharing the knowledge we've gained over the years through successful installations of Azane packaged units internationally and for some of the largest US food companies, we hope to be an ambassador for the technology and continue to advance the uptake of safe and efficient commercial and industrial cooling technologies that are future proof,” he said.

With the low ammonia charge in Azane's systems, Nelson said ammonia is now more suitable for a variety of industries including food manufactures, food processing, public refrigerated and freezer warehouses, wineries, breweries, ice rinks, HVAC and process cooling.

Providing an efficient alternative to HCFC systems in response to the EPA's R22 and HFC phaseout programs, the Azane units are a pre-engineered, pre-packaged, plug and play cooling solution which does not require a separate machinery room or heavy maintenance.

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