The DC-3 is a revolutionary system which has redefined Australia's refrigeration industry with a plug and play system for walk in/reach in cool rooms.

Its birth began with Actrol drawing on the expertise of four world renowned organisations to work together to produce the DC-3 Smart Refrigeration System – Siam Compressor Industries (SCI), Carel, Tecumseh and Cabero.

Siam Compressor Industries supply the brushless DC scroll compressor, Carel provide the electronic controls, Tecumseh manufacture the condensing unit, and Cabero supply the uniquely specified evaporator fitted with EVD ice.

The first of its kind in Australia, key benefits that have made DC-3 a standout include:

Fully programmed

Highly energy efficient

Unbelievably simple to install.

It is a particularly good choice for contractors for a number of reasons:

1. Easy to select, install and commission saving time to spend on your next job.

2. System arrives in a two-box kit ensuring you won't need a return trip to the wholesaler.

3. Condensing unit display shows real time system information, so you know exactly what is happening as it's happening

4. Smart Refrigeration Technology ensures higher heat exchange efficiency, adequate oil return, and safety controls to ensure the compressor operates within its design envelope.

5. Easy maintenance with vital signs shown in plain English on condensing unit display equipment

DC-3 Smart Refrigeration provides many benefits for the cold room user.

1. Approximately 30% less energy consumption for quicker return on investment

2. Smooth line temperature control resulting in extended shelf life of perishable foods

3. Quieter system with low noise outside thanks to the modulating fans and compressor

4. Flexible capacity range means you have room to move with your cool room layout in future

5. Safety mode ensures continuous cooling if communication between components is lost

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