CAREL put the spotlight on its IoT range, exhibiting the range in its entirety for the very first time at Mostra Convegno earlier this month.

With this platform, CAREL guarantees a new unit-interaction experience through the use of cloud services. These services include APPLICA, the mobile app designed for the latest generation of smart controllers with integrated NFC and Bluetooth connectivity.

Configuration and optimisation of unit set-up are made simple and intuitive by the combination of smartphone application and web portal, allowing configurations and graphics to be managed flexibly and always kept up-to-date.

The new products on show at Mostra Convegno also included MPXone, CAREL’s latest controller for food retail refrigeration units. MPXone stands out for its extensive connectivity options that simplify human-machine interaction using APPLICA.

MPXone also comes with several energy saving features that can even be activated in simple applications, allowing management of the most innovative high-efficiency modulating devices.

CAREL also showcased k.water & k.air, the new range of products for integration, control and monitoring of HVAC systems.

These easily-configurable controllers are designed to manage every part of the system: from heating and cooling generation to fluid distribution circuits, domestic hot water, solar capture and air-conditioning and ventilation systems.

The complete architecture seamlessly integrates all available devices, from field devices to local and remote supervisors, exploiting the Ethernet connectivity and the most widely-used building automation protocols, Modbus and BACnet, over both IP and RS485 networks.

The CAREL stand also devoted ample space to solutions for chillers and heat pumps. The innovations presented in this area include µChiller, the solution for complete management of air/water and water/water chillers and heat pumps with on-off and/or DC compressors.

The distinctive element of µChiller is complete control of high-efficiency units through integrated management of devices such as electronic expansion valves and brushless DC compressors. This ensures greater compressor protection and reliability and, at the same time, high unit efficiency.

For cold rooms, CAREL premiered DC Cella SPLIT, the new, high-usability integrated system with DC inverter technology which is compatible with CO2 refrigerant.

Created by combining the features of technologically-advanced solutions (HECU, UltraCella and EVD Ice) and enhanced by CAREL’s system approach, DC Cella SPLIT is a solution that guarantees high performance, maximum usability with a special focus on simplifying installation, configuration and use.

Energy savings of up to 25% and excellent quality control of the stored products are just some of the main benefits for end users, in addition to simple installation and maintenance.

The boss mini, the new system supervisor that meets the needs of commercial refrigeration, datacenter and light commercial HVAC applications, was also on show. boss mini comes with the same usability and connectivity features, available in a new, more compact solution that is suitable for all system sizes.

From one single access point, boss mini monitors the site in real time, using maps and intuitive displays to show data on all the refrigeration and air-conditioning units, lighting and energy consumption.

Air humidification solutions continue to be popular for CAREL. The company previewed gaSteam, the upgraded range of gas-fired humidifiers. Now also available in the outdoor version, gaSteam can be used when there is no free space available indoors.

The c.pHC controller’s connectivity options increase the humidifier’s flexibility and simplify communication with external systems.  gaSteam is also IoT ready, and is equipped with pGDx, the 4.3” touch display designed to enhance the user experience.

Alongside gaSteam was the new heaterSteam titanium, that will be the world’s first humidifier with a pre-configured predictive maintenance solution available in the IoT suite of services. Data monitoring and analysis in real time on dedicated dashboards guarantee efficiency and service continuity.

Finally, CAREL had its high-efficiency solutions for natural refrigerants on show including the complete range of EmJ modulating ejectors, pRack pR300T and the pR multi DC controller, the first controller that can manage multiple DC compressors on the same line.

Plus the upgraded version of Heos, expanded to manage different solutions both using CO2 and propane, was on show with Heez, CAREL’s solution for refrigerated merchandisers.

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