The cylinder fleet is enormous providing contractors with a swap and go system.

There were very small expansion valve adjustments, and coil distribution was perfect, according to Van Ernst Refrigeration sales engineer, Chris Harland.

To eliminate any risk of a leak, 30 hydrocarbon refrigerant safety sensors were installed at low level, and wired back to the control panel.

With gases such as R-404A beginning to be phased out, CO2 is becoming an attractive option for a wide range of applications.

The new EPARTS spare parts software is available to all users free of charge.

Chemours said XP10 is the ideal replacement for R-134a in both new and existing systems.

With the largest footprint in the industry by far, Actrol are continuing to expand with several more branches set to open in 2018.

Applications include supermarket display cases, unitary air conditioning and chillers without flooded heat exchangers.

Industrial Ethernet protocols such as BACnet/IP and Modbus/TCP have become a standard in refrigeration engineering.

The Grasso LT series comes in 16 sizes and has an extremely long life span.

The fluid's low viscosity profile allowed the site to opt for smaller KSB pumps, enabling significant energy savings.

Recent improvements in production techniques mean the engineering team have taken advantage of smaller tube designs.

McInerney said the two year review of the Ozone Act led to more than 60 recommendations with amendments passed in June 2017.

CO₂ solutions presented in the mobile training unit range from simple gas-bypass systems to more complex parallel compression solutions with or without heat reclaim.

The digital torque wrench features nine programmable pre-set points.