Enphase Energy and Solar Analytics have formed a partnership to trial solar monitoring and energy management services for homes and businesses.

Supplier of solar microinverters, Enphase Energy, and solar performance management software company, Solar Analytics, said Australian customers will be part of a global trial.

They will combine solar production and energy consumption data from solar PV systems that are connected to the Enphase Envoy-S Metered gateway and Enphase microinverters to Solar Analytics’ patented algorithms and user dashboard.

During the trial, Enphase customers in New South Wales, will receive access to a Solar Analytics dashboard which will provide them with greater visibility over their energy data and a suite of sophisticated performance and shading algorithms.

Customers participating in the trial will experience the functionality of the Solar Analytics dashboard including advanced performance analysis and notifications, fault alerts, battery storage calculation and solar savings analysis.

Enphase Energy ANZ sales manager, Shekhar Prince, said they are working together to provide deeper insights to consumers who want an additional level of control over how and when they use energy from their PV systems.

“Drawing on our combined heritage in energy intelligence and home energy management, we want to further empower system owners to become smarter energy users,” Prince said.

Solar Analytics CEO, Stefan Jarnason, said, homes and businesses in Australia are increasingly exposed to rising energy prices and homeowners want to capitalise on their investment in a solar PV system.

“Through this trial, installers will be equipped with data they need to have informed discussions with system owners on how they can increase their investment in solar through storage using exact tariffs, consumption and usage data,” he said.

This initial trial will see Enphase and Solar Analytics working with Resellers on pilot sites in NSW during 2018 with the potential to extend the trial in the future.

Production data and feedback gathered from the trial will allow Enphase and Solar Analytics to enhance their software solutions as part of their commitment towards delivering better customer experiences and to enhance reseller partnerships.

One of the key benefits available to installers in this trial is the ability to access enhanced fleet management, battery calculators, faster commissioning, and highly automated systems to create Solar Analytics dashboards for new system owners from an installer app.

This simplifies the administration process and time required to create trial sites online.

Enphase and Solar Analytics installers can sign up new customers residing in NSW for a five-year trial at a reduced recommended retail price which covers the cost of monitoring with the 3G cellular module for data transmission used in the Enphase Envoy-S Metered gateway and access to the Solar Analytics dashboard.

Founded in 2013, Solar Analytics has over 20,000 customers in Australia who rely on a comprehensive dashboard to make decisions around how they can get the most out of their rooftop solar systems.

The company holds Australia’s largest repository of real-time behind the meter data with 13 terabytes of anonymised energy data available to partners to help increase the grid’s overall reliability.


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