The NES garage DCV system controls the rate of ventilation in the Main and Annex garages based on carbon monoxide concentrations at a given juncture.

This year's topics include the benefits of low entering condenser water for chillers and the importance of IP-based field equipment controllers.

As well as air handling units, the company manufactures dampers, attenuators, fans, filters, coils and ventilated enclosures.

Airstream has distributors in every state in Australia.

Hydrogel capsules have a capacity to absorb up to 500 times their own volume in water in order to create a construction system that can "breathe" through evaporation and perspiration.

Miswired or faulty sensors are common, so at least one comparison measurement should be done during the system commissioning.

Professor Paul Cooper presented research findings on natural and mixed-mode ventilation systems.

With the advancement of materials science and the Internet of Things, smart windows will be more prevalent.

Wood absorbs moisture from the air in humid conditions and releases moisture in dry conditions.

The EcoAdvance module is easy to install in conjunction with air handling units, energy recovery ventilators or rooftop units.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has been particularly vocal about the dangers of particulate matter (PM) in reports and statements.

The system is extremely effective in applications where the conditions can vary during the course of the day and the ventilation rate needs to be adjusted.

The launch coincides with the release of a report authored by the Thrive Research Hub at the University of Melbourne.

Compact design without loss of power makes ZAvblue an air flow wonder.

Early design input by A.G. Coombs for chill beams, thermal plant equipment and AHU units has generated $2.5 million in savings.