Chillers and air conditioners are well-established technologies. But they are about to undergo significant change.

A transformation is emerging because of environmental requirements and technological capacity that will have a profound influence in the design, performance, use and maintenance of this equipment over the coming decades, according to Future: Air.

A series of seminars will be held during the month of May in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne, to help businesses who own, manage or repair chillers and large air conditioning equipment to prepare for these changes.

Future:Air is a partnership between the Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Equipment Manufacturing Association (AREMA) and the Air Conditioning Mechanical Contractors Association (AMCA).

Seminars will be presented by international and Australian speakers who are recognised globally as thought leaders and authorities in the air conditioning and refrigeration sectors.

Future: Air said that an international survey of organisations representing chiller manufacturers, identified over 20 “industry disrupters”. These disrupters are projected to dramatically transform the design, installation, usability and service of equipment.

In the survey, there was broad agreement that the need to respond to climate change and energy scarcity in a resource-constrained world would drive a whole suite of these changes.

This includes the need to ensure both dramatically increased energy efficiency both theoretically and in installed equipment, as well as the need to continue the transition to refrigerants with lower environmental impact.

It is expected that many of these new refrigerants will be flammable or otherwise be more challenging to work with than those of previous generations.

These are not the only changes identified on the horizon. Along with demographic and societal changes it is expected there will also be a shift towards the use of artificial intelligence, further uptake of wireless technologies and the Internet of Things.

Already the industry is seeing the first changes in equipment to take advantage of these opportunities.

In addition to the latest industry trends, Future:Air seminars will reveal the current and expected regulatory changes that will impact the design, purchase and use of chillers and large air-conditioning equipment in the near future.

Speakers include Steve Yurek, CEO and president of the Airconditioning, Heating and Refrigeration Institute (AHRI), Andrea Voigt, director general of the European Partnership for Energy and the Environment (EPEE), and Greg Picker, executive director of both Refrigerants Australia and the Airconditioning and Refrigeration Equipment Manufacturers of Australia (AREMA).

The first event will be held at Customs House, Brisbane on Monday, May 20. The Sydney event will be held at Rydges on Tuesday, May 21 and at the Novotel Parramatta on Wednesday, May 22.

CQ Melbourne will host the next event on Thursday, May 23 and the Box Hill Institute will host the final Melbourne event on Friday, May 24, 2019.

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