Problems identified include accessing plant on roof spaces (eg. condensing units), accessing fan coil units in ceiling spaces and trying to reach plant cupboards.

Winning recipients will be announced in March.

The warranty extension packages exceed the legally required warranty of 12 months for most of its products with additional benefits for IQ products.

The technology is 10 times cheaper than lithium batteries.

The subsea VSD features a pressure compensated design, whereby all of its power components are cooled by being submerged in oil. The water test proved all of the components met the thermal performance demanded.

The combined value of construction projects captured in the pipeline over November was $19.8 billion, which is above the five year average of $13.7 billion.

A-Gas is preparing to celebrate 25 years of business in 2018.

The centre features an R&D facility, a test rig in accordance with ISO5801, a product analysis area as well as a development area specifically set up for control solutions.

By allowing mass customisation, Haier has given online customers more freedom to control the manufacturing process and to develop air conditioning based on their own specifications.

Previously cooling tower owners in NSW were not required to test for Legionella or HCC.

Lodam, which has been part of the BITZER Group since 2007, specialises in control systems.

Many aircraft had glycol-cooled engines and maintenance staff added a corrosion inhibitor to the mix which caused engines to overheat.

Technicians need access to a diverse range of spare parts, it has become critical to contracting success.

Past efforts by government to reduce red tape have largely been "window dressing" according to Ombudsman Kate Carnell.

The scholarship aims to increase opportunities for students studying commercial refrigeration and air conditioning and also provide professional development for teachers.