The publication provides readers with a better understanding of the very heart of a ventilation system.

In 2017, one of every three robots sold in the world went to China.

Two lighthouse projects are stepping up to be the first to embrace the principles within the Code.

It is Facebook's 15th data centre and will be based in Singapore, the first to be built in Asia. It will be operational in the year 2022.

The 2000th project to achieve certification was 105 Phillip Street, Paramatta.

With 90,000 licence holders the scheme has never been as strong and, despite an uncertain refrigerant environment, it continues to grow.

Panellists agreed that a lack of visibility is a key problem for the refrigeration and air conditioning trade.

Dr Bradshaw said it beggars belief that in the face of so much evidence, Australia’s emissions are continuing to rise.

The study underscores the important role that proper commissioning of plant plays in operational efficiency.

Professor Harvey-Smith’s research has been published in more than 40 scientific papers.  

The very first Fridgie of the Year Award went to Jindabyne Refrigeration manager, Andrew Solomon.

Currently, air conditioning accounts for 10% of global energy consumption.

From five magazines in the 1960s, he guided Yaffa Publishing to a thriving stable of more than 30 magazines by the 1990s, making it the second largest specialist publishing house in Australia.

DAC Refrigeration managing director, Hayden Conti, has been busy supporting businesses that are making the transition from R22 to more efficient alternatives.

The whitepaper estimates the value of residential work for refrigeration and air conditioning (RAC) mechanics topped $2.8 billion in the past year.