Seeley International is set to launch a new dealership program tonight and is calling on the best heating and cooling experts in Australia to participate.

Dubbed the "Climate Masters of Seeley International" the program is being launched tonight at the Adelaide Convention Centre.

Founder and executive chairman, Frank Seeley, said dealers from as far away as Perth, Melbourne and Canberra would play a critical role in supporting the benchmark national branding and accreditation program.

“We plan to bring together a team of dedicated professionals and draw on their outstanding knowledge and experience to introduce our new Climate Masters of Seeley International Dealership program,”Seeley said.

“Ultimately it will be our end customers, as well as our dealers, that will benefit from this initiative, because it will create a team of professionals who will offer unrivalled expertise on our company’s full range of products – making sure that our customers get exactly what they need each and every time.

“At the launch we plan to unveil details of an accreditation and training scheme, and a marketing campaign that we expect will make the rest of the industry sit up and take note, because we feel there is nothing else like it anywhere in Australia.”

Seeley said the program will reflect the organisation’s commitment to engaging with dealers to develop a team of highly skilled professionals with unique knowledge about Seeley International’s premium products.

“This is our next step in providing end-to-end product and service excellence – which begins from the time a unit is designed and constructed in the factory, through the distribution process, and ultimately to when it is sold to the customer,” he said.

Invited dealers will have a tour of Seeley International’s production, engineering and state-of-the-art testing facilities at its Lonsdale plant before attending the official “Climate Masters of Seeley International” launch event.

Special guest speaker, Olympian Steven Bradbury, will share his secrets of how to overcome adversity in achieving one of the most outstanding gold medal wins Australia has ever seen.

“By the end of the launch event, I am convinced that we will have brought together a team of remarkably dedicated specialists who are very serious about ensuring extraordinary experiences that will consistently delight our customers,” Mr Seeley said.

“In everything we do, Seeley International is continually committed to raising the bar and setting new industry benchmarks, which exceed the expectations of all our customers, and this is a critical step in achieving that goal.

“This will allow our dealers to significantly enhance their own brands and reputations in their local market, as well developing a greater level of awareness of the Seeley International brand.”

Seeley International has committed more than half a million dollars in the first year to support and promote the Climate Masters of Seeley International Program, as well as to implement an accreditation process for participants.

The introduction of distinctive uniforms, vehicle and office branding and signage will ensure that customers can easily recognise that they are receiving superb service from a Climate Master dealer.


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