Uncertainty reigns supreme in the world of mechanical services right now.

The outlook is a little dubious for both RAC technicians and mechanical engineers.

As part of a licensing review in the Sunshine State, the government is proposing a new mechanical services licence that would only allow plumbers to undertake work that should be done by RAC technicians.

That's right if the proposal is accepted all existing RAC technicians would not qualify for the Queensland licence, only plumbers would. So if you need to commission an air conditioning system just call a plumber.

But amid the dark clouds there has been one bright and shimmery silver lining.

The Queensland licensing review has certainly united the HVACR industry.

Remember how the year began? It was an industry divided, unable to reach agreement on a number of key issues. Well that's certainly changed.

There may be division within the industry at times, but when it comes to dealing with other trades or 'outsiders' everyone comes together to defend their turf. Its a battle that has brought everyone together again.

Queensland isn't the only state in Australia reviewing licensing, the Victorian government is engaging in a review of its own with draft regulations to be released later this year.

Like Queensland, Victoria does not recognise HVACR as a stand-alone profession, instead delegating RAC technicians to the plumbing trade.

As a result industry will be working hard to push for change throughout the consultation process.

The outlook is also a little vague for mechanical engineers following the federal government's decision to abolish the 457 Visa.

With 57 per cent of engineers currently working in Australia born overseas, I am betting the impact of this decision won't go unnoticed. A report by Engineers Australia found there is an urgent need to train more engineers in Australia.

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