Every building has an impact on the environment. As climate change becomes an increasingly pressing concern, so too does the need to create sustainable buildings that offer minimal environmental impact and maximum human comfort.

Now, more than ever before, sustainable buildings are driving HVAC solutions that address these keys concerns - high efficiency, increased comfort and reduced operating costs throughout the life of the building.

Daikin Magnitude water cooled chillers are designed to create the ultimate in climate-controlled environments for offices, universities, hospitals and healthcare facilities for the people who work, study, teach and recover within their walls.

Building owners and property managers realise the benefits, too, in terms of reliability and performance and offers substantially improved savings over the life of the unit.

The frictionless magnetic bearing compressor was developed to improve performance, reliability and reduce service requirements as compared with conventional centrifugal compressor designs. The magnetic bearing compressor has a single rotating component – the compressor shaft – levitated on a magnetic field.

This cushion results in the shaft not being in contact with any other part of the compressor while operating. The compressor shaft is kept perfectly aligned in all directions by sensors at each magnetic bearing providing real-time feedback to the digital bearing control system.

This cutting edge magnetic bearing technology enables outstanding energy efficiency and reliable, long-life operation.

Because the Magnitude magnetic bearing chiller has fewer moving parts and requires no oil or oil circulation equipment, it requires less maintenance and service.

Eliminating oil contamination in the refrigerant and heat transfer surfaces keeps the magnetic bearing chiller running at peak efficiency year after year.

Magnitude chillers are quiet with sound pressure ratings as low as 76 dBA. This quiet operation makes Magnitude ideal for sound sensitive environments such as schools, performance halls, museums, and hotels.

Compact design

The compact size of the Magnitude chiller is ideal for replacement and energy upgrade projects as well as multiple chiller installations.

When using compact, ultra-efficient Magnitude chillers to replace older, larger and less efficient chillers, the space savings can add up as quickly as the energy savings.

Staying cool cannot be compromised in mission critical facilities like hospitals or data centres, even if the power fails.

With RapidRestore and RideThrough solutions, a Magnitude chiller can restart as fast as 43 seconds after power is restored.

With a wide range from 350 kWr to 5300 kWr, and with a choice of Danfoss or Daikin Magnetic bearing compressors, Daikin Magnitude chillers have a chiller suitable for every application.


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