Sky Refrigeration has raised the bar on CO2 copper tube, fittings and valves.

The past 12 months has seen a rapid rise in the use of R744 (CO2) with many of the major supermarket chains commencing new installations this year.

It is also winning widespread support in the industrial refrigeration and heat pump sectors, according to Sky Refrigeration managing director, Peter Schey.

“Plants in northern Europe are reporting major efficiency gains by raising operating pressures from 120 to 130 bar, this is now seen as the future desirable pressure ratting,” he said.

“As a leading provider of CO2 components and tools we are now able to offer to the market K130 tube, fittings and valves.”

These K130 products are rated under UL and AS/NZ 5149 at 130bar and are manufactured for heavy wall CuFe2p copper iron alloy.

For more information on K60 (60bar) and K130 (130Bar) tube, valves and fittings, call 03 9735 2313 or visit

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