ARBS Exhibition 2016

While air conditioning units have long been feature packed, those features are often buried under complicated controls but the QUE system makes it easy.

Panasonic is the only company to offer a 22.4kw single split ducted side discharge unit in Australia.

A prototype hydrocarbon chiller unit was also on show, catering to the growing interest in natural and low-GWP refrigerants.

The new Tecumseh AJ2 compressor family generated a lot of interest.

The new company has a particularly strong focus on supermarkets, CA stores, dairy and cold freezer storage.

One piece of technology that drew the crowds was Carel's HEOS high energy efficiency waterloop system.

Airepure is a leading supplier of HEPA filtration for hospitals, health science laboratories and research facilities.

The Permanent Magnet technology not only allows for greater energy efficiency, but operates more quietly than other fans and has a smaller footprint.

The Nexura floor-mounted unit has attracted a lot of attention as the only air conditioner on the market to have an integrated radiant heating panel.

The centrifugal combinations are available in sizes 180-250mm.

Testo also unveiled its range of electrical measuring instruments, with a series of 5 new products (12 models) including the Testo 760, the first automatic multimeter.

Also on display was the In Ceiling Energy Recovery Ventilator for high rise apartments (ERV-IC 120) with its internationally patented heat recovery technology.

Q-ton operates like a boiler with no heating backup requirement and is suitable for retrofit or new build projects.

Heatcraft Australia continues the proud legacy that Sir James Kirby began.

Full coverage of WorldSkills is included in CCN's special ARBS Feature which appears next month in the July edition of the magazine.