Bradwell said a high Australian dollar has seen net imports increase and local manufacturing become less competitive. "This is why the first agenda item for team meetings is: What do we do well and what can we do to improve?"

Employment growth in the industry has largely been constrained to NSW and Victoria for the last decade. These two states account for 94% of nationwide growth.

Around 11.4 per cent Australia's emissions can be attributed to households, and with construction continuing at a steady pace, the AHD Portal can pinpoint where energy efficiency efforts are on track, and where they may need increased focus.

The Cube Comfort Monitor can vary in size from individual desktop cubes to miniaturized whole-of-office systems that sit in the corner of a room. It is a low-cost way of collecting data.

The trial will provide a template for other smart cities in the future.

As well as creating 200,000 more university places, Labor wants to spend $200 million on rebuilding TAFE campuses and workshops across Australia.

The speaker program will be spread across two dedicated conference theatres within the exhibition itself: the Industry 4.0 Theatre and the Connected Manufacturing Theatre.

The government will establish 10 training hubs in regional areas with high youth unemployment to create better linkages between schools and local industry. This initiative will cost $50.6 million.

Closing the gender gap in economic participation by 25% by 2025 could add as much as $US5.3 trillion to global gross domestic product (GDP).

The congress will look at ways to reduce the need for artificial cooling, manage energy consumption and emissions of climate-damaging gases from refrigeration and air conditioning and new technologies.

TED stores electrical energy as thermal energy by heating and melting a unique phase change material. The energy is stored at more than 12 times the density of a lead acid battery.

The project is set to become the first large scale building in the country to achieve Passive House certification.

He will be responsible for Carrier residential and Toshiba air conditioning as well as the Totaline network.

Users can experience 4D objects in space and time, as opposed to a 2D screen depicting 3D objects.

DB can provide a complete offering from large chillers and air handling units to heat pumps, thermal energy storage and rooftop packaged units.