Sutton says the biggest challenge facing the industry over the next decade is the move from HFC refrigerants to HFOs and naturals.

Cook is the first to admit that it takes courage to be a woman in the HVACR industry.

Le says there are some challenges the industry needs to overcome and the biggest is an “old school mentality.”

It isn't just his skills that make him exceptional, Beattie takes on every task and request without complaint and best of all, customers are always 100% satisfied.

The upgrade covered chillers, boilers and BMS controls.

Drinks and canapes followed the awards allowing everyone to celebrate and network.

Small businesses tend to be the last to get paid, especially when the invoice is a large sum as it often is for climate control installation projects. This can put you in a sticky situation during slow periods.

Frischknecht confirmed he would not to seek a third term as CEO of ARENA earlier this year.

More than 150 delegates attended the gala dinner to celebrate 25 years.

When food is transported at the right temperature, the chances of food being lost or wasted are dramatically decreased, or even eliminated.

The older generation of RAC technicians are proud of their ability to diagnose faults and fix them but that art is disappearing as smarter machines enter the market. These machines only require a 'parts-changer' to keep them operational.

There has been another round of low GWP replacement refrigerants introduced to the market and there is no doubt opportunities to use these replacements, but we should do so with our eyes wide open.

The CFC phase-out played a pivotal role in the development of refrigeration and air conditioning technologies.

Cape Grim has provided an archive of pristine air samples since 1978.

The optimization of heat exchangers made with MicroGroove tubes has been underway for more than a decade, especially in China.