The Smart Daiseikai Inverter range is about more than air conditioning, according to John Caione, the business unit manager for residential and light commercial products at AHI Carrier Australia.

“In this day and age, we have come to expect products to deliver more than simply their basic functional role,” he said.

And this is exactly the inspiration behind the Daiseikai Inverter range.

“Not only do the products in the range come with Toshiba’s leading inverter technology, they also have smart features designed to make your life more comfortable by improving the air quality in the home and using clever air filters,” Caione said.

The smart features start with the advanced DC Inverter system.

Designed to use electricity efficiently and effectively, the 2.5kW model has an impressive 5.5 energy star rating.

The Daiseikai range’s smart features are also highlighted with the advanced Plasma Ion Purifier System, which purifies the home from dirt and discomfort.

This system keeps the home deodorised and provides a healthier environment by using 10x active purification technology to trap nasty particles.

At the other end of the long list of smart features is a weekly timer remote controller which can program up to four different settings in a day for each day of the week.

As with all Toshiba Air Conditioning products, the range is easy to install, has a natural self-cleaning function, boasts low maintenance requirements and comes with a 5-year warranty, for year-round satisfaction and peace of mind.

Now that’s a smart air conditioning range!

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