The centre in Sydney's south west will be the corporate headquarters for Beijer Ref Australia, Kirby, SCM REF Australia and ACD Trade.

Gone are the days of lost paperwork, as every unit includes a QR code inside the casing.

BITZER developed its new 8-cylinder CO₂ compressor CKHE7 with displacement rates between 69.4 and 99.2 m3/h.

For GEA Grasso LT screw compressor types the speed will increase from 3,600 rpm to 4,500 rpm.

The company is also expanding several existing platforms with new models that are specifically optimized for A2L refrigerants.

The program is designed to help customers meet rapidly evolving supply chain demands.

Priority must now be given to the energy efficiency of equipment and whole systems such as buildings or vehicles, the IIR said.

Daikin has released its new VRV-S Series. Based on VRV technology, the new VRV-S HSE (High Seasonal Efficiency) Series is developed for both residential and commercial applications.

The latest graphene coating from Promek Technologies restores degraded thermal bonds in heat exchangers, radically improving their ongoing performance.

A newly built refrigeration system featuring Bitzer compressors and condensers is ensuring stable temperatures at the biggest hotel in the Danish-German border region around the Flensburg Fjord.

The biggest change has been updates to include flammable A2 and A2L refrigerants.

National Skills Week isn’t just an opportunity to think about your career, it is a great time to showcase your trade.

Although REI Process has broadened its offering it will continue to provide bespoke engineering solutions.

The petition was submitted to the Queensland parliament last week by the Member for Mirani, Stephen Andrews.

Smith has spent the last 35 years teaching RAC apprentices and is certainly well known in the HVACR industry.

The virtual Congress will feature experts from around the world including presentations on the latest research and development.