Martin Büchsel will replace Gianni Parlanti on the executive board as the new chief sales and marketing officer at BITZER.

SCM REF Australia has completed its relocation to a new purpose-built facility at Bankstown, south-west of Sydney.

Many of the new skills technicians need today are included in the revised Certificate III in Air Conditioning and Refrigeration.

Now in its fourth edition, DA19 has been the definitive reference for HVACR maintenance in Australia for more than 20 years.

R472A is the most environmentally friendly gas on the market to replace R23 and is non-flammable and non-toxic.

Kai Becker joined GEA in August 2004 and has held positions in Germany, China and the UK.

CAS is a manufacturer and distributor of ducting and associated fittings and is an existing supplier to Beijer Ref in Australia.

BITZER began making its mark on the industry as early as the 1930s by manufacturing thermostatic expansion valves out of steel.

Beijer Ref has acquired 85% of the shares in Sinclair Global Group with an option to acquire remaining shares.

The new rules are the first in the United States to enact comprehensive measures to ban many HFCs in new equipment.

In response to demand from customers who want to use A2L ultra-low GWP alternatives to R404A and R134a, Danfoss did an upgrade.

Fenagy is in the process of launching a range of heat pumps and cooling systems with capacities from 200kW-1800kW.

Headquartered in Virginia in the United States, the IIAR represents companies and individuals working in the ammonia refrigeration space.

The system is ideal for cherries, blueberries, grapes, papayas and other low- to moderate-respiring commodities.

The centre in Sydney's south west will be the corporate headquarters for Beijer Ref Australia, Kirby, SCM REF Australia and ACD Trade.

Gone are the days of lost paperwork, as every unit includes a QR code inside the casing.