Air Conditioning

The advanced technology in the RPCQi makes it the perfect option for small–medium commercial and light industrial cooling applications.

Haier’s revolutionary patented self-clean technology freezes the indoor heat exchanger, trapping pollen and dust.

The Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, said for many years going to university has been the default expectation imposed on young Australians, but it's not the only path to rewarding and successful employment.

This new split system stays true to Daikin’s commitment to expanding the use of R32 refrigerant across its product catalogue.

Training the Australian workforce in A2L refrigerants is a massive step and there is still a long way to go.

It also shines a light on the power of private business as a key driver of Australia’s economy.

Customers visiting the product guide can get access to relevant product documentation as well as real-time expert support through a live chat with local Alfa Laval engineers.

Peak demand events, often prompted by extreme weather, result in major spikes in electricity usage.

The system uses multiple sensors in different zones throughout a building, so if a particular area is overheated or too cold, the system can adjust.

While the plant will initially focus on laundry appliances, Haier is also planning production lines for its other products, including air-conditioners and water heaters.

Scoring was based on wall mounted split system AC units as well as ducted AC units.

The apple catechin filter maintains indoor air quality. Fine dust, invisible mould spores and harmful microorganisms are absorbed onto the filter by static electricity and further growth is inhibited and deactivated by the polyphenol ingredient extracted from apples.

The ORBIT and ORBIT+ compressor models feature displacements of between 20 and 80 m3/h (50 Hz) and are designed for air conditioning systems and heat pumps in particular.

In her new role with LG Electronics Australia, Louskos will lead the marketing and communications strategy for the company’s air conditioning and mobile categories.

The new framework recognises air conditioning and refrigeration as its own specialised trade with license holders expected to hold a Certificate III qualification or equivalent.