IAQMS tracks nine important air quality parameters in real-time including temperature, humidity, lighting levels, sound, CO2, VOC, particulates, air flow and occupancy.

The Accu-Therm ATS3000 Plate Heat Exchanger handles flow rates of up to 2.1 million litres per hour and has a heat transfer capacity, in excess of 70,000kw.

pCO5+ HS is available in a version with two built-in electronic expansion valve drivers and an optional Ultracap module, for integrated energy saving management.

Heuch Fresh is dedicated to providing cooling solutions with a proven record in European markets.

The TrilliumSeries Adiabatic Condenser offers up to 44% energy savings compared to a traditional air-cooled condenser.

Backward curved centrifugal impellers are matched with very high-efficiency DC external rotor motors incorporating sealed for life bearings.

Its ultra-compact size with a short inlet length of 5x nominal pipe diameter and no output-length requirements allow the ultrasonic flow sensor to be installed in tight spaces

For over 20 years, Aircon Rentals has been providing continuity of critical services for a variety of clients in difficult locations.

To operate the CA400 portable lifters a hand-held variable-speed trigger is used.

KNX already has more than 85,000 partners in 164 countries across six continents. With KNX Virtual, a significant increase in users is expected.

In many cases the failure of a drive component can be predicted one or even two years ahead of a breakdown.

Requiring no battery, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, SuperSense SMARTprobe is a quick plug-in hardware device.

The oil-free operation helps guarantee long-term performance at rated levels.

Tool theft is a growing problem in Australia, with equipment often stolen from the back of utes, cars and even construction sites.

Ndevr CEO, Maureen Clifford, has been in the business of implementing ERP systems for the past 20 years.