The new testo 560i refrigerant scale with intelligent valve and patented algorithm makes charging refrigeration systems and heat pumps easier and more precise than ever before.

Dwyer Instruments has released the Series RSME Room Status Monitor for low differential pressure applications.

Airathern has introduced Unimax to the Australian market, the high efficiency stainless steel condensing boiler that are in high demand worldwide.

The Series PMI Particulate Matter Transmitter is designed to measure indoor air quality by detecting particulate matter in an office environment or HVAC duct.

With the health and safety of indoor spaces now a major concern of the pandemic-era global workforce, Microshare has released EverSmart Air, to address the demands of the “new normal.”

Danfoss has extended its range of pressure independent solutions for HVAC heating and cooling systems.

Kelvion’s extensive portfolio of dry coolers is the result of decades of research and expertise.

To support the growing demand for uninterrupted data, Vaisala, has launched a new product for data centres – the TM 110 temperature transmitter.

The FusionCol8000-E series cooling products feature indirect evaporative cooling technology to significantly extend free cooling time.

The work of installers, engineers and hydraulic consultants Australia-wide will be easier and faster thanks to the launch of the new Conex Bänninger web site.

Danfoss has extended the cooling capacity range of its Optyma condensing units and released A2L compatible MLZ and LLZ scroll compressors.

Engineers responsible for optimising the up time of process flow networks in demanding industries will find the FLT93 Series Flow Switch provides a reliable early warning alert system.

AiroDoctor V10P-ID is a passive in-channel photocatalysis unit designed to effectively filter and clean the airflow in small and medium-sized air handling units (HVAC).

The new Alfa Laval AC540 family of four high-efficiency brazed plate heat exchangers are specifically optimised to work with R32, CO2, and other high density refrigerants.

Amerlux can now offer Delta Controls' (DCI) all-encompassing room controller, which allows occupants to take greater care of their work—by creating a room that automatically takes care of them.

Built on a foundation of precise superheat control, the Danfoss TD1 thermostatic expansion valve now features a more sustainable stainless-steel capillary tube and sensing bulb.