The Power Coil Treatment is an antimicrobial formulation specially designed for use on heat exchange surfaces and metal components of air conditioning systems.

Much like airCloud Home, Hitachi is soon to launch airCloud Pro which will allow for VRF systems to be remotely managed and controlled.

RC-Reporter brings clarity to building performance analytics with readable, reliable, rational reports, delivered automatically by e-mail or integrated directly into your building control system.

Artificial intelligence for fan control allows for optimized system energy efficiency even when no external fan signal is provided.

The Jade Smart Cloud is ideal for any structural moisture or ambient humidity measurement monitoring needs on the go, because it keeps users updated on critical measurements continuously.

All chillers are available with VFD control and come with the Midea patented Full Falling Film technology as standard.

The specially designed glasses, which include an integrated high-resolution camera and reliable microphone, allows for hands-free remote support, offering several bidirectional functions.

Gree D-Series Chillers are reverse cycle and can be used for cooling in summer and heating in winter.

These sensors are non-depleting and will last for the life of the instrument under normal operation which keeps the cost of ownership low since only minimal maintenance is required and there are no consumable parts to replace.

Legend Corporation Limited (Legend) will become the distributor for ABB’s Adaptaflex (conduit systems), Kopex-Ex (explosion proof conduit systems & glands), Ty-Rap, Ty-Fast and Deltec (cable ties), and Nicote (cable glands) brands.

The opportunity for Australia’s increased participation in the international conversation around AI is clearly outlined in the report.

The dimensioning of the new extraction hood results in a higher capture rate and easier handling for welders.

The DV650 evaporator has been added to the D650 True Dual heat exchanger range and can be used with most of the current high-pressure refrigerants.

The pilot also uncovered local control issues with the chiller plant and fresh air handling unit that were not adjusting to set points.

With over two decades of experience innovating HVAC control and zoning solutions, Airzone bridges the gap between the IoT and HVAC technologies.

GEA Bock is also expanding its portfolio for transcritical applications in the lower capacity range with the new HGX24 CO2 (L)T CO2 compressor series.