The German giant is blazing ahead with technology for next-generation refrigerants.

Actrol's new range includes Ryker condensing units to suit applications from 5.2kW to 25.6kW.

Pura is also available with optional global hazardous area certifications.

Power Clean Air Products based in Sydney has launched a range of new air treatment products in partnership with Airtemp.

The emergence of smart technology has seen in-home climate control systems come a long way, but not all systems are created equal.

Daikin is launching two new ducted air conditioning units; the R32 Premium Inverter, and R32 Inverter Ducted Series, which are the only R32 Ducted Indoor Units manufactured in Australia.

Apartments make up 41 per cent of new homes built in Australia.

The WallMaster effectively separates even ultra-fine particles with a size of less than 0.1 µm to a degree of more than 99.5 per cent.

Silent-Iconic has a sleek design and delivers high-performance cooling and heating.

The range is ideal for medium and large commercial buildings and light industrial applications.

It provides a single portal to Kelvion’s comprehensive portfolio of refrigeration solutions.

The Promek Power Pack includes filter and coil sanitisers and cleaning pack in easy to use aerosol cans.

The AWEC series module combines all the parts that are needed for operation on a small din rail mount module.

Building systems still use a wide variety of proprietary solutions that often require separate hardware-based gateways and infrastructures.

The display and interface can be web enabled with remote monitoring and activation with smart phones, tablets, personal handheld devices and computers with access via the web.

Changes in operational profiles can be tracked, actions taken and maintenance prioritised, maximising uptime, increasing efficiency and reducing costs.