With the HVACR industry undergoing its biggest transformation in decades, the theme for CCN Live 2020 is Game Changers.

We are entering a whole new world where technicians will routinely be working with flammable refrigerants. This is a game-changer – it means new skills for technicians, new safety standards to work with flammable refrigerants, new installation methods, new chemical classifications, and the list goes on.

At CCN L!VE 2020 we talk to the experts who are laying the groundwork for this new world. We talk to regulatory authorities that are developing a regulatory framework for flammable gases, senior industry figures that are collaborating with industry bodies internationally on a number of initiatives (to be announced at CCN L!VE) and we debate a range of issues still in need of solutions.

During the second half of the online event we will be celebrating the achievements of our industry professionals as we recognise 8 outstanding categories, their finalists and winners.

Thanks to everyone who tuned in. If you missed out you can view the live stream here


Proposed Programme: 

12pm OPENING ADDRESS | Sandra Rossi, CCN Editor & Lindy Hughson, CCN Publisher

12:05pm SPEAKER | Greg Picker, Executive Director Refrigerants Australia

Greg Picker will provide a local and international overview of the current refrigerant landscape and the issues that need to be addressed for industry to make the transition to low GWP refrigerants.

12:15pm SPEAKER | Sally North, Director WorkSafe Service Industries and Specialists Directorate , West Australian Department of Mines, Industry and Safety

Sally North will talk about the development of a national work health and safety position paper on flammable refrigerants produced by the Heads of Workplace Safety Authorities (HWSA) across Australia. The focus of this presentation is workplace safety.

12:25pm SPEAKER | Bronwyn Weir, Managing Director Weir Legal and Consulting

Bronwyn will launch the Flammable Refrigerants Review Project which provides a regulatory framework for the use of flammable refrigerants in Australia. Ms Weir is a legal/regulatory expert best known as co-author of the Weir-Shergold Building Confidence Report.

12:35pm SPEAKER | Kylie Farrelley, General Manager Refrigerant Reclaim Australia

Kylie will explore the risks associated with flammable refrigerants throughout the entire supply chain, including recovery at end of life.

12:45pm PANEL | Greg Picker, Executive Director Refrigerants Australia, Krista Weymouth, Weir Legal and Consulting Special Counsel and Sally North, Director WorkSafe Service Industries and Specialists Directorate , West Australian Department of Mines, Industry and Safety. Moderator: Sandra Rossi, CCN Editor.

1:00pm HVAC&R Leadership Awards

Greg Picker Sally Bronwyn

Kylie Krista


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