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Daikin has sponsored the Woman of the Year Award since its inception because we believe it has had a positive impact in recognizing and advancing the careers of women in the HVACR industry, Tosh said.

ABB runs apprenticeships for various technical disciplines right throughout its many sites and workshops across Australia.

Temperzone has returned as the sponsor of the Tradie of the Year Award to recognise technicians that are dedicated to their craft.

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Shackleton has joined AMCA after five years with Services Trades College Australia, where he was general manager and company secretary.

The Rotex system not only has a small footprint, it allows a multitude of heat sources to deliver energy to the storage water which acts as a thermal battery (minimal heat losses of 1.4kW of heat energy over 24 hours).

The new digital and analog time switches allow users to control lighting, heating, ventilation and watering with daily, weekly or yearly schedules, so that energy can be switched on and off according to opening times, sunsets, public holidays or vacation dates.